Who we are

We are Personal Injury and Serious Injury Solicitors providing an outstanding client service and giving our clients maximum compensation. This is the primary goal of our company and as such we have clients in major towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom.

It is our core belief that our clients fully deserve highest compensation the they are legally entitled to and as such our team of specialist solicitors will work tirelessly to ensure this.

Our team have had years of experience backed with the legal credentials that serve to produce a formidable ally that is on your side when facing the legal process of a claim.

Being accessible is the one component of our outstanding success with our team being fluent in different languages .This serves to make us more approachable by cliental who may because they are not originally from the United Kingdom feel that they do not have a recourse to seek the compensation that they deserve.

Why choose us

We know ourselves we are not the biggest, we know that a multitude of other companies exist and advertise an identical service on various forms of media. Our primary strength is in the personal nature of the service that we provide.

Our next strength is our determination to ensure that our client receives the strongest  legal representation to ensure that they get the compensation they deserve.

If you are unsure or have any questions about pursuing a personal injury claim against an individual, a company or even an employer our expert advisers are on hand to answer any questions. We can easily be contacted by phone, e-mail or in person by visiting our offices.

You will find that our approachability and our personal service, that a claim can  be started quickly and efficiently with your  potential case being assessed and the necessary documentation being made ready in a short space of time.



Q Khan

co-founder, CEO

Phone: 07988963589

E-mail: info@assertiveclaims.net

Some of the benefits of using our services