Under the Health and Safety at Work Act employers are lawfully obligated to provide a safe working environment. The health and Safety at Work Act is comprehensive and include instruction to employees as well as employers.

An example of such would the need by an employer to provide personal protective equipment for use within a hazardous environment (goggles, dust mask, helmet and gloves) with the employee being obligated to use this equipment for his or her own protection.

Another example would be the operation of industrial manufacturing equipment, you employer would be obligated to ensure the machine has safeguards and that you are trained in its safe operation. Further to this you would be obligated to operate the machine as instructed.

However within heavy industry and manufacturing workers are often exposed to dangerous industrial machinery and equally dangerous working practices which can lead to serious or life threatening consequences.

Workplace accidents are not limited industrial or construction sectors they can occur within an office environment. This can include trip hazards from wiring and cables or spillages of liquids that have not been cleaned up.

By law your employer is required to have Employers Liability Insurance which should cover them against a claim. So if you suffer illness or injury due to an employer’s negligence you are entitled to make a claim.

We can help if your accident came about due to the following:

1) Failure to provide Personal protective Equipment.

2) Hazardous wiring

3) Faulty equipment or machinery (including ladders and scaffolding)

4) Insufficient training

5) Pressured to return to work before being fully recovered from illness/injury

To give your case the best chance you should note the following details of your accident.

1) Date, time and location of accident

2)The cause of the accident

3) Details of witnesses

4) Photographs of the location and injuries sustained.