One of the few things we all look forward to during the summer is the summer holidays, an opportunity to getaway, relax and enjoy time of work. Whether it’s a family holiday with the children, a romantic getaway or an adventure holiday it’s something we all look forward to.

Unfortunately every year holiday makers face accident, injury or illness and other potential risks that they have not given consideration to before they travel. This can serve to ruin a well planned vacation.

If you have suffered an accident whilst on holiday and been injured, you could be entitled to compensation. This would cover loss of enjoyment of the holiday, any medical costs not covered by travel insurance, as well as compensation for any injuries.

A holiday accident claim for an injury sustained abroad can be complex with the claim falling under two potential categories abroad or domestic so our expertise will ensure that you get the help needed.

Further to the above it can be difficult to know who to pursue a claim against whether it be against the travel company or elsewhere.

Critical points to keep in mind when making such a claim are as follows:

1) Accidents abroad can fall under the legal jurisdiction of the country in which the accident took place.

2) There may exist a time restriction for you to make a claim so you must start your case as quickly as possible.

3) Accident claims made whilst working abroad may be made against an employer if the company employing you has registered premises in the UK ( it would become an accident at work claim)

4) If you suffered an accident in the hotel or hotel grounds in which you were staying you may be able to claim against the holiday company if the holiday was booked as part of a package deal with a UK based company.

5) If you have an accident on public transport please seek medical attention as this is a prerequisite for making a claim in some countries

6) Get as much information as you can about the incident (Date, Time, location, Details of incident, witnesses and photographs)