After the physical and mental trauma of a serious or crippling injury  the victim suffers changes to their life and their lifestyle. These changes often mean that normal day to day activities that they carried out as part of their life prior to being injured are now physically impossible. You may find that you are unable to work within your qualified field or even work at all. You may now be reliant upon friends and family to effectively act as care workers to assist you in day to day activities such as shopping or cooking. You may require extensive ongoing medical treatment and do not have the means of mobility to travel to hospital for such. In effect your ‘old life’ is gone and your ‘new life’ represents a painful day to day struggle.

Our Serious Injury Solicitors take the above into account when they make representation on your behalf in order to secure the highest possible damages settlement for you the client.

As covered elsewhere within our webpage serious injuries can arise from many different types of accidents cause by 3rd party negligence. These include but not exclusive to road traffic accidents, work place injury and accidents abroad. Each and every case in spite of some similarities is different with its own set of unique complexities, this can include, the long term consequence of requiring constant care and assistance for the rest of your life as well as short term consequence of pain and discomfort and lack of mobility.

We ensure that the best injury claim solicitors handle the serious injury claims taking into account your life prior to being injured and after it. We will review your needs and the needs of your family, we will ensure that the claims process runs smoothly. We will take into account the immediate impact of your medical care alongside rehabilitation, adjustments to your home for medical equipment and access to your property (wheel chair ramps) as well as other ongoing aspects of your life.

During the claims process we recognize that you may not be in a position to visit our offices to review and sign legal documentation applicable to your case. In this regard as part of our service we will visit you and ensure that you are updated to the progress of your claim.

Types of Serious Injury Claim

Serious injuries can cover any injury resulting from an accident which has led to or will lead to a long term consequence to a life such as a permanent disability. Serious injuries affect an individuals ability to function  within society as the injuries sustained can result in amputation, spinal cord or nerve damage, burns even paralysis leaving someone wheel chair bound .

1) Back Injury Compensation Claims

Serious injury to an individual’s back or worse spinal cord can lead to constant pain, decreased mobility or worst case scenario partial or complete paralysis. You may be entitled to make a claim if your injury came about as a result of a traffic collision or an accident at work, especially if that accident was preventable. Such injuries can prevent people from working  in manual labour or can leave them permanently disabled and unable to walk unaided.

2) Brain Injury Compensation Claims

Accidents resulting in cranial injury and injury to the brain can be the most serious and damaging to a persons life with numerous complications. This can include post traumatic epilepsy, changes to emotional state, impaired memory, speech and concentration together with other cognitive problems. Brain injuries may lead to physical problems due to a loss of motor skills with the victim unable to carry out simple physical tasks. The worst case scenario of a brain injury would be for the victim to be left in a persistent  vegetative state. Our serious injury solicitors team up with the best medical professional s to ensure that your comfort and care is taken into account as part of a brain injury claim along with the needs of your family depending upon the severity of the injuries.

3) Burns and Disfigurement Claims.

Burns resulting in disfigurement together with other  serious injuries especially to the face or other visible part of the body are daunting. In spite of advances in plastic surgery and skin grafts there is nearly always visible scarring left behind.  Such injuries can take place at work, at a firework display or as a result of a road traffic accident. The main issue in a lot of these cases is not the physical trauma but the psychological impact of such an injury and the damage to their self esteem and confidence. This is at the forefront of our thinking when our serious injury solicitors are making a claim on your behalf and we will insist that the psychological harm of such burns and disfigurement which someone may carry with them for the rest of their lives is addressed.

4) Amputations

To have a limb traumatically severed as a result of an accident with industrial machinery or a severe traffic collision results in long term disability. Like a Burns and Disfigurement claim the victim suffers long term psychological trauma as the victim need only look to where limb was and see a prosthetic attachment instead. This long term disability together the psychological trauma of such means that a claim for compensation is fought for vigorously by our injury claim solicitors. Some amputees are left in long term pain with nerve damage or experience phantom pains from a limb that no longer exists. So our medical experts that we work with will explain in detail the consequences that you are suffering when pursing such a claim to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation.

5) Paralysis

Serious injuries to the back or spine can cause partial paralysis resulting in an individual suffering   monoplegia the loss of control and feeling of one limb for example. The more extreme cases of paralysis involve being paraplegic leaving someone without the use of their legs. The worst example of paralysis from serious injury is for someone to be left as a quadriplegic they are paralysed from the neck down and can do nothing for themselves. In such cases we will ensure that the settlement figure that we fight for is the highest that can be awarded to compensate the victim and their family.

6) Fatal Injury Claim.

For a Police officer one of the most difficult duties they have to perform is to contact and inform the relatives of a recently deceased individual about their loss. For the relative however to have a police officer at their home informing them that a family member has died as a result of an accident caused by 3rd party negligence is utterly devastating.  When we pursue a claim for such a tragic loss of life on behalf of a family or partner we ensure that you are represented by the best legal professionals.